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Thur Dec 27 2001

Cheetah development stopped for a while. I got sidetracked with other things and people stopped submitting patches. However, there has been some interest shown on the cheetah-devel mailing list so I've decided to pick up the project again. All the promises I made about future versions are broken however. Cheetah is a big project and unless a lot of people start working on it full time there's no way that we can be at version 1.0 in a year.

The good news is that we've accomplished a lot in the short span of time that we were working on the new design. CDF is almost completely implemented. An HTML engine is in the works. Text files are fully renderable. What we will start working on now is the following:

  • An HTML engine with other language engines implemented as modules.

  • The URI loader will act as a FILE stream API and all document retrieval engines (HTTP, FTP etc.) will be implemented as modules.

  • A portable UI API will be designed and implemented so the user can choose what toolkit to use. This will also allow for a windows port.

Once that is implemented then we will release a new version and start working on new features. At that point cheetah should be usable but not a viable competitor to existing browsers.

Tue Aug 7 2001

Well we missed our Jul 1 release obviously but development is still going strong. We've finished the basic CDF implementation and Cheetah is renderering text documents now.

It will probably be at least another month before the next release but the good news is that by then Cheetah should be usable to browse simple HTML pages. As far as JS, CSS etc. is concerned that probably won't be in the next release though.

Wed June 13 2001

Cheetah development is going faster than ever, we've just decided to slow down the release cycle a little. The next release will be out around July 1st.

Here's what we're working on for the next release:

  • A new document handling system and rendering engine. The idea is to keep all parsers and document handler's separate from the renderer. When all is said and done the renderer will be able to render any document without caring what kind of document it is.
  • Complete bookmark support.
  • New networking API.
  • Cookie support.

There's also work being done on CSS and JavaScript support but we're not promising anything for the next release.

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