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Information about The Cheetah

Why another web browser?

There are a lot of web browsers available for Unix and all of them that I have tried are great. However, I have yet to find one that truly satisfies my needs.

This is what I require in a web browser:

  • It must not require another more developed web browser, such as mozilla, to operate. It can certainly use code from another web browser (providing the application's authors permit that), but the code must be included natively in it's source, or in a shared library that comes with the browser. For example, I do not want to have mozilla installed to use my browser. I am using my browser not mozilla.

  • It must not depend on an entire desktop suite. For example, if I use icewm I should not have to install kde to use my web browser.

  • It must be extremely fast and provide an enjoyable browsing experience (duh).

  • It must provide only the ability to surf the internet and download files through http and ftp. I do not want my web browser to provide the means to send/receive e-mail, compose web pages, chat on irc etcetera. I have other programs to do that.

When will Cheetah be usable?

I don't have a roadmap layed out yet. I won't have one for awhile. It all depends upon how many people are willing and have the time to contribute.

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