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Helping out the Cheetah Project

I'm a programmer how can I help out?

First, you'll need to grab up the source code from our cvs server. How, you say? Why, here's how:
$ cvs \
Just hit enter for the password.

$ cvs -z3 \ \
co cheetah
Then subscribe to the cheetah-devel mailing list.

Then read the TODO file (included in the source), find something you'd be interested in doing and post a message to the list stating that you would be interested in doing that. If everyone is okey with that (meaning no one else is already working on the same task) then just go ahead and do it.

Once you've done some work and you want it to be included in the next release submit a patch to the mailing list.

Here are the steps to make a patch:

  1. Make sure you kept the original source tree backed up (the one you are making changes to).
  2. Move your source tree to something like "/home/you/devel/cheetah".
  3. Extract the original un-modified cheetah source code.
  4. Type 'diff -urN cheetah /home/you/devel/cheetah > patch'
  5. E-mail your patch to the list

In your e-mail you should explain what your patch does and what tree it applies to (the version of cheetah that it changes).

I would prefer it if you send your changes early and often. They don't need to be bug free or perfect as long as they compile, add to the project and don't introduce any gigantic design flaws or ugly code that's going to cause headaches in the future.

The smaller the patch the better. But since I'm anticipating large amounts of code to be written from scratch it doesn't really matter if the patch is large as long as it only affects one part of the code. For example, if you've done some heavy duty work on the javascript parser, the gui and the http api then submit 3 different patches. One for each section that you've worked on. That way we can keep things as organized as possible.

I'm not a programmer, but I'd like to help.

The following are stuff that I need from non-programmers:

  • An artist to create a logo for cheetah.
  • Artists to create graphics for use within cheetah (toolbar buttons, icons etc.)
  • Someone to write documentation (install guides, howtos, help files etc.)

If you have anything else to contribute, please e-mail me at gspencley at yahoo dot com.

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