Cheetah Screw the Lizard

Downloading Cheetah

Before you download cheetah you must realize that it is not currently in a usable state (yet). I have released cheetah this early so that potential developers can get a feel for how the project is being put together and can start contributing.

A lot of the "backend" work has been started. The html parsing engine, ability to retrieve web pages through http, much of the gui etc. But the main thing that cheetah can not do yet is actually render html pages. So you won't get much of an enjoyable browsing experience yet (but this will change :O).

If you are not a developer then you should only download cheetah if you are curious as to how it is being put together and/or want to send me suggestions, art work or documentation.

The latest version is Cheetah 0.10

To compile cheetah you need the following libraries installed:

  • Gtk+ 1.2
  • libjpeg6b
  • libungif 4
  • libpng 1.0.9

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